For Him

I have been asked to translate the fingerless mitten-pattern into English, so here it comes:

Easy fingerless for Him

These are incredibly easy to make, this is how I did them:

I got some aran weight yarn in two different colors, and cast on 32 st. On 5 mm needles. (either double-pointed needles or on a circular needle for magic loop)

Knit 20 rounds 2×2 rib., 8 st. On each needle.

Then you may change into another color. Knit another 10 rounds of ribbing.

Knit 13 rounds after the ribbing is finished, and then:
Right mitten: Knit a contrast colored piece of yarn onto all the st. On needle # 4, and move all the st. Back onto needle #4, and knit again with the original yarn.
Left mitten: same as right mitten, but now you use all the st. On needle #1
Continue knitting around, 10 rounds. Knit 3 rounds og 2×2 rib, and cast off.
Thumb: Pick up the stitches on both sides of the contrast yarn, and remove the thread. Pich up an additional stitch on each side = 18 st. Divide st. Onto 3 doublepointed needles, and knit 8 rounds. Cast off 🙂


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